Public Deliverables

WP1 - Project Management and Coordination

  • D1.6 - Public Final Report

WP2 - Evaluation of Heat Recovery Potentials in Ell Processes

  • D2.1 - Energy flowchart for each sector download
  • D2.2 - Heat recovery potentials in the most demanding processes download

WP4 - Advanced Monitoring & Control System

  • D4.2 - Performance and predictive tools analysis report download

WP6 - Design and Concept Validation of the WHRS for Air Compressors Energy Supply

  • D6.3 - Conclusions of the performance tests download

WP7 - Validation and Demonstration of the WHRS in Real Production Conditions

  • D7.2 - New generation ORC turbogenerator manufactured download

WP8 - Analysis of Replicability and Adaptability of the Developed Technology to Different Sectors

  • D8.1 - Analysis of the adaptability of the developed technology to other sectors
  • D8.2 - Analysis of the replicability of the developed technology to other sectors
  • D8.4 - Final report on the adaptability and replicability of the developed technology

WP9 - Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation

  • D9.1 - TASIO project website download
  • D9.8 - Survey of the dissemination and communication actions