Turboden attended the SPIRE Impact Workshop, held in Brussels in April 2015, and presented TASIO project within the session “Sustainable and Circular Economy”.

Name of the event / activity EC-RTD-IMPACT-WORKSHOP-SPIRE-2015
Date 20-21 April 2015
Place Brussels (Belgium)
Organiser (TASIO Partner or other entity) European Commission and the SPIRE Public-Private Partnership (PPP)
Attended event with presentation of the project by Turboden
Relevant task WP9
Objective of the dissemination Project Presentation
Subject Sustainability and Circular Economy
Type of audience Companies involved in SPIRE projects
Audience 50
Minimum target audience 80
Picture(s) of the event
Any comment/feedback from audience (if received) [email received from Marco Baresi / TURBODEN on 8th May 2015]

Dear Madam, Sir,

We would like to thank you once more for your active participation in and contribution to our SPIRE Impact workshop, which had over 80 participants and covered the anticipated impact from 40 EU projects of which 12 new H2020 projects.

Your contribution ensured a successful beginning of the implementation of the SPIRE Roadmap, despite strike, transport problems and lack of available hotel rooms.

You can find a recount of the event on the SPIRE website: http://www.spire2030.eu/mediaroom/93/21/First-SPIRE-PPP-Impact-workshop.

On the website you will also be able to find the presentations given during the 2 days: http://www.spire2030.eu/impact.

Best regards,


Programme Officer responsible for SPIRE