Tecnalia presented TASIO project during the SPIRE Projects’ Conference 2016, held in Brussels in April 2016.

Name of the event / activity SPIRE projects´ Conference 2016
Date 20 April 2016
Place Brussels (Belgium)
Organiser (TASIO Partner or other entity) European Commission and the SPIRE Public-Private Partnership (PPP)
Attended event with presentation of the project by TECNALIA
Relevant task WP9
Objective of the dissemination Project Presentation
Subject TASIO overview
Type of audience Companies involved and interested in SPIRE projects
Audience 100
Minimum target audience 200
Picture(s) of the event
Any comment/feedback from audience (if received) [Email received on 29th April 2016 (from A.SPIRE team)]

Dear Attendee,

On behalf of A.SPIRE association and all SPIRE projects, we would like to thank you for attending the SPIRE Projects’ conference that took place on 20 April 2016. We hope that you found the event informative and worthwhile.

If there are any presentations that you would like to look over again, you can find them at the following link: http://www.spire2030.eu/mediaroom/132/21/SPIRE-projects-conference

Best regards,

Evelina Paunksnyte (Executive Assistant)