During the 11th European Steelmaking Conference & Expo, held in Venice in May 2016, Turboden presented the publication “Electric Steelmaking with ORC Heat Recovery in Europe and beyond”, written by A. Foresti and D. Archetti (Turboden).

Name of the event / activity 11th European Electric Steelmaking Conference & Expo
Date 25-27 May 2016
Place Venice (Italy)
Associazione Italiana di Metallurgia (AIM)
Attended event with presentation of the project by TURBODEN
Relevant task WP9
Objective of the dissemination Paper Presentation
Subject Electric Steelmaking Conference focused on increase of productivity, decrease of environmental impact and improvement of steel quality
Type of audience Iron and Steel companies, stakeholders
Audience 50
Minimum target audience 80
Picture(s) of the event

Any comment/feedback from audience (if received) Aim wishes to thank all speakers, attendees, sponsors and exhibitors for having taken the time to come, share knowledge, and having contributed to the success of our EEC 2016.