Turboden presented TASIO project during the Italcogen (Italian Association of Cogeneration System Manufacturers and Distributors) Conference in Key Energy, held in Rimini in November 2016.

Name of the event / activity Italcogen Conference – Key Energy
Date 7-10 November 2016
Place Riimini (Italy)
Italcogen – Associazione dei costruttori e distributori di impianti di cogenerazione
Attended event with presentation of the project by TURBODEN
Relevant task WP9
Objective of the dissemination Project Presentation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Renewable Energy
  • Urban Efficiency
Type of audience Industries, Esco, credit institute,
Audience 1500
Minimum target audience 1000
Picture(s) of the event


Any comment/feedback from audience (if received) No comment received.