Turboden attended in June 2017 the European Steel Technology and Application Days 2017 (ESTAD 2017) in Vienna to present the paper “Sinter plant and basic oxygen furnace waste heat utilization – new configuration with ORC modules for power generation”.

Name of the event / activity European Steel Technology and Application Days 2017 (ESTAD 2017)
Date 26-29 June 2017
Place Vienna (Austria)
(TASIO Partner or other entity)
The Austrian Society for Metallurgy and Materials, AIM, A3M, Steel Institute VDEh and Jernkontoret
Attended event with presentation of the project by TURBODEN
Relevant task WP9 (focus on WP3 and WP8)
Objective of the dissemination Paper Presentation
Subject The ESTAD 2017 focuses on the latest trends and issues and provides a wide networking and information platform for equipment and service suppliers, plant manufacturers, and steelmakers in the main fields of: Ironmaking, steelmaking, rolling, steel materials and their application, surface technologies, environment and energy.
Type of audience Steel producers, steel users, plant suppliers, Universities, Research Centres
Audience More than 1000 participants
Minimum target audience 1000
Picture(s) of the event n/a
Any comment/feedback from audience (if received) No comments received.