Work Packages

WP1 - Project Management and Coordination [TECNALIA]

Developing an effective and comprehensive TASIO technical, administrative and financial management to ensure the successful execution of the project and the achievements of the objectives.

WP2 - Evaluation of Heat Recovery Potentials in EII Processes [SIDENOR]

Evaluating heat recovery potentials in energy intensive processes mainly of cement, glass and steel industries, but also petrochemical and non-ferrous metals industry, in order to prepare a packet of solutions to save energy for each of the industries analysed.

WP3 - Development of a New Generation of ORC Turbogenerators [TURBODEN]

Researching and developing a new generation of ORC based on the direct heat exchange concept to recover heat from dusty waste gas streams and convert it into power or mechanical energy for external or internal use.

WP4 - Advanced Monitoring & Control System [TECNALIA]

Enhancing the existing Monitoring and Control System (M&CS).

WP5 - Design and Integration of the Waste Heat Recovery System [TURBODEN]

Developing the first concept of waste heat recovery system including the new generation of ORC turbogenerator based on the direct heat exchange concept for transforming the waste heat recovered in EII processes into electrical energy.

WP6 - Design and Concept Validation of the WHRS for Air Compressors Energy Supply [TECNALIA]

Developing the second concept of waste heat recovery system to transform the heat recovered from EII processes into mechanical energy with the objective of supplying energy to air compressors thus reducing their need of external energy.

WP7 - Validation and Demonstration of the WHRS in Real Production Conditions [CEMENTIROSSI S.p.A]

Performing a demonstration of the developed waste heat recovery system based on the new generation of ORC turbogenerators to validate the technology in real production conditions.

WP8 - Analysis of Replicability and Adaptability of the Developed Technology to Different Sectors [RINA]

To evaluate the replicability and adaptability of the developed technology to different industrial sectors.

WP9 - Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation [RINA]

Ensuring the maximum impact of TASIO project through effective communication, dissemination and exploitations activities.